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Even the sad-looking branches of a willow tree contain hope and purpose. The long, lazy branches allow room for the centered trunk to bend and space for the tree to stretch and move. We can all learn from this tree. The lessons of a simple trunk and strong roots to keep us grounded can show us all direction during the storm.

Ben Fisher (1830) & Georgeann Amos Fisher (1845)

Our traceable family history began in Lowndes County, Mississippi in 1870 according to the Virginia and Mississippi census reports.  Our roots can be traced back to Swoope Quarters in Lowndes County, Mississippi.   Although our ancestors lived on the quarters, they were fortunate not to live as slaves because they were skilled laborers with the means to purchase their land.  Our family that lived there were Bob and Patsy, Friarson and Marie, Rena, Hattie and Alfred, Cora Lee and Harold, along with their children.  They were all members of Springfield Baptist Church which is still in existence today.  Life in the quarters was not degrading but slave mentally was ever present in the way that the women were treated.  Our ancestors fought to keep our family unit together.

It has been said that the family is one of God’s masterpieces.  Ours certainly is a work of art-a mosaic of people whose skin and features are as uniquely different as God created fingerprints.  But no matter how different we may appear, we all have one very important thing in common – we are each descendants of Benjamin and Georgeann Fisher.  Our family history focuses on this union as they are the roots from which the branches of the Fisher family grow.  Although history for many Blacks began in West Africa, where European nations intercepted with the Transatlantic Slave Trade, we have been unsuccessful in locating documentation to verify family connections that extend that far.  Nevertheless, we descend from greatness.

Throughout history the roots of our family tree have been deeply rooted and our branches continue to stand strong.  Faith in God and our commitment to excellence are two of our greatest attributes.  Although we gather only for a weekend, we hoped that each of you returned home with a sense of wanting to know more about your history and wanting to know more about the new family members you have met. Share those old stories and hopefully some new stories with the future generation so that our family history will live forever.

With your help, we will continue to update our family directory as a means of fostering continued communication and growth between family members throughout the nation.

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